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The Buchwald Tax Firm is dedicated to helping our clients end their IRS misery. IRS problems have a way of ruining all aspects of your life. They take a toll on you financially, physically, and emotionally. You can never really forget about them as they always come back each morning when you wake up. The only sure thing about IRS problems is that they don’t go away by themselves.

The Buchwald Tax Firm is directed by Jaime S. Buchwald, CPA. With 25 years of tax, accounting, and strategic negotiating experience, Mr. Buchwald meets with or speaks to nearly every potential new client. He personally handles the Firm’s high profile and particularly sensitive engagements.

Jamie S. Buchwald, C.P.A.



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Typical Problems
You're Not Alone

I Owe Too Much. Will The IRS Settle For Less? The IRS is Going To Audit Me I Owe Payroll Taxes Do I Have To Pay All These Penalties? I Haven’t Filed My Tax Returns For Years I Lost My Records, Can I Still File? Does The IRS Have My Info? I Could Only Afford Small Monthly Payments. Is This OK? The IRS Is Going To Garnish My Wages The IRS Is About To Levy My Bank Account The IRS Is Going To File A Lien Against Me The IRS Is Going To Seize My Assets My Spouse, Fiancé, Ex Is Having IRS Problems” Could It Affect Me? The IRS Has Notified My Customers About My Problems Can The IRS Take My Social Security, IRA, 401K, and Pension?

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