“The IRS Has Notified My Customers About My Problems”

Businesses get into tax problems for all kinds of reasons. For example, your biggest customer doesn’t pay you on time, you get a bad check from a client, unexpected repairs on business assets, bad weather, poor economy, a new competitor has totally changed the marketplace and so on… How are you supposed to control all these outside variables?

Just as the IRS can levy your bank accounts and wages, they can issue levies to one or all of your customers for the money they owe you. Your accounts receivable suddenly vanish.

Here’s where things get really nasty. Not only does your cash flow dry up, but all the customer goodwill you worked so long and hard to create is now destroyed.
Your customers look at you as a deadbeat or tax cheat. They may not say it, but they are probably thinking it.

It doesn’t have to get this bad, but if it does we will make it our first priority to get the levy withdrawn. We will then proceed to prepare and negotiate other alternatives to satisfy the IRS and give you time to get your business back on track.


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