“I Owe Payroll Taxes”

The IRS takes an extremely aggressive position on payroll tax violations. Many small businesses get into cash flow problems for all kinds of reasons. How they handle these problems, especially when payroll taxes are involved, usually determines if they stay in business or not.
Payroll tax problems usually start off with missing one payroll tax deposit and then another and another until you reach the point where you get so scared of how much you owe in missed payroll tax deposits, that you stop filing payroll tax returns altogether. It’s not because you want to, it’s just that you don’t know what else to do. The cash flow problem that caused the shortfall in cash for the payroll tax deposits was most likely caused by any number of factors… all of which are usually outside of your control.

The worst thing about business payroll taxes is that the IRS has the ability to collect business payroll taxes from anyone they think was responsible for not paying the taxes. For example, the business owner or any check signer on the business bank account may be singled out for collection activity.
We recommend that you avoid talking or meeting with the IRS yourself. How you answer the first five asked questions often determines whether or not the business survives.
Stay in business. Let us intervene and negotiate a plan that avoids federal tax liens, bank levies, and asset seizures.


Please Contact Us to end the Worry and Stress of Your IRS Problems.





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