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How Do You Solve Your Client’s IRS Problems?

Dear Accountant,

I want to help you offer the very best professional services to your loyal clients.
When your clients get in IRS trouble, you run the risk of losing them as a client if the IRS closes their business or decides to levy their assets.

You may even find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having prepared and signed tax returns which the IRS now wants to examine. Even if everything is 100% correct on the tax returns, I know how uncomfortable it can be having your own work audited by the IRS.

Some of your clients may be filing the tax returns you are preparing, but not including the payment for their taxes. In these situations the IRS must be dealt with quickly and effectively before they cause the taxpayer all kinds of problems.

Our firm works with taxpayers that have all types of IRS problems and would like to offer assistance to any of your clients that may have their own IRS problems.

Clients who are referred to us from professionals like yourself are handled the same way I insist my clients are handled, when I refer them to other professionals. All clients are provided a free initial consultation during which we discuss their personal circumstances, options to end their IRS problem and receive a written estimate of our fees.

My firm does not handle on going conventional CPA or accounting services. Your client will always be your client, we simply provide your client specialized services which your firm may not offer.

Please feel free to call me at 1-800-BUCHWALD to discuss referring clients to our firm or to address any questions you may have.


Jaime S. Buchwald, CPA

P.S. Please click here for a listing of the professional services we provide.




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