“My Spouse, Fiancé, Ex Is Having IRS Problems” Could It Affect Me?

All is not fair in love and taxes. Like most married couples, if you filed a joint return with your spouse or ex-spouse and they are having IRS problems, chances are you will be also. Contrary to popular belief, divorce decrees don’t
eliminate prior tax liabilities. Likewise, if your fiancé has IRS problems they can become yours as well when you tie the knot.

One of the best gifts a fiancé can give is to resolve IRS problems before the big day. If your spouse has already involved you, we can represent you as a couple and present a solution, or represent you separately and try to prove that you are an Innocent Spouse according to IRS guidelines and eliminate your liability. The rules for qualification of innocent spouse relief are very complicated and the facts of each situation must be carefully reviewed for applicability.

Whether you’re legally liable or not, tax problems can wreak havoc on your emotions and hurt relationships. We’re here to help you get though this very sensitive and emotionally charged problem.


Please Contact Us to end the Worry and Stress of Your IRS Problems.





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