“I Could Only Afford Small Monthly Payments. Is This OK? ”

If you find yourself behind in tax liabilities, you can always “borrow” from the IRS. It is estimated that the IRS has over one hundred billion dollars owed to them by individual and business taxpayers.

When you find that you can’t pay what you owe, the IRS may work out some type of payment arrangements. The IRS guidelines for what expenses they will allow each month are very stringent. But the bottom line is that you only pay the IRS what you can afford each month. For example: A taxpayer who owes the IRS $47,000 may only be paying $50 per month and a taxpayer who owes $13,000 may be paying $800 per month.

How much you owe does not matter. The payment arrangements are based on how much you can pay. You must understand what the IRS guidelines allow before any contract is made with the IRS regarding monthly payments.
Preparation is the key. We carefully review your financial condition and can usually suggest the amount which the IRS will accept for a monthly payment before we contact the IRS. We will also analyze the impact of additional interest and penalties assessed during the installment payment period to determine if the arrangement makes sense.


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