What We Offer

Free Initial Consultation – We know how traumatic IRS problems can be. To help alleviate your stress and anxiety we will consult with you without cost or obligation. We explore alternatives and propose a solution that you can live with.

Guaranteed Fees - You have enough stress without worrying about unplanned expenses popping up. We don’t like surprises either. In the vast majority of cases we will provide you upfront with a guaranteed fixed fee agreement. We gladly accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Immediate Relief – Once you agree to retain us, we immediately send the IRS a Power of Attorney. The harassment stops. The IRS must now legally deal with us, not you. This puts the IRS on notice that you are serious about getting your problems behind you.

Halting of Enforced Collection Tactics – If the IRS has already started enforced collection activity against you, such as a lien or levy, we will immediately intervene. We file the appropriate documents. In most cases a grace period is granted to work out a more effective course of action.

Professional Evaluation and Preparation - Once you provide us with all the requested information , we carefully prepare the appropriate resolution filings. Depending on the agreed upon strategy, these may include Request for Penalty Abatement, Prior Year Tax Returns, Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreement, Amended Returns, Appeals Request, Application for Innocent or Injured Spouse Relief, Freedom Of Information Requests, and so forth. In the case of IRS Audits, we begin our pre-audit in our office and analyze and advise on potential problem areas.

Negotiations and Correspondence – In many cases you may have to wait months for the IRS to review and decide on the proposed solution. Offers in Compromise, for example, may take as long as 18 months. On occasion, the filing may be rejected for any number of reasons, valid or otherwise. We remove the perceived obstacles and re-file. Because information is required to be current, the IRS may ask that you file and re-file again and again. We request updated supporting documents from you and prepare revisions as necessary. This can be a long and tedious process. The IRS may be backlogged or simply trying to wear you down and hope you give up. You must be patient. When the IRS is ready to finalize your case, the negotiations begin. We do so either by telephone or in person to get you the best possible settlement. Of course, you must approve any final agreement. If your problem cannot be resolved at this level we will advise on options such as Appeals.

Peace of Mind – While your problem resolution is in process you begin to feel better, knowing you are on your way. Then, with your problems behind you can breathe easy and get on with your life. No more looking over your shoulder and worrying about the IRS! Life is good again.




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