“Do I Have To Pay All These Penalties?”

The IRS assesses penalties for all kinds of reasons. The purpose of penalties is to punish taxpayers enough so they won’t do the same thing again. Well, the penalty idea has gotten out of control.

Taxpayers are being severely punished by tax penalties to the point of putting their families and themselves into extreme hardship.
What most people don’t know is that some of these penalties can be reduced to zero. The IRS has guidelines, which allow certain circumstances where the taxpayer may be relieved of all the penalties.
We request that you write our firm a letter explaining all the things that went on in your life at the time of the penalties. If you qualify, we then prepare and negotiate a Request for Penalty Abatement. It’s a great way to eliminate or reduce these penalties and ease this unnecessary burden.


Please Contact Us to end the Worry and Stress of Your IRS Problems.





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